2018-2019 Booster positions are available!

CONCESSIONS:  We are building our concessions team for 2018-2019.  It takes a team of four to make the management of concessions run smoothly.  Grab a friend and help support Sheldon Boosters for the fall & winter concession season.


Board Volunteers

earn more!

As a Board Member (President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer) and Some standing committee chairpersons (Volunteer/Gate, Concessions and Apparel) are automatically given 15 hours per month to the sport of their choice.

Fundraising, Benevolence, Publicity chairs are given an automatic 5 hours per month to the sport of their choice.  


Attend a meeting, stay in the loop!  

All are welcome to attend our Monthly Meetings, first Wednesdays at 6:30pm in the Sheldon Library.


Sheldon Boosters

Volunteer Hours Policy


Sheldon Boosters can only be a viable organization through the willingness of its members and parents to volunteer for Booster functions and activities. This policy was developed by the founding Executive Board to allocate money in a manner that is fair and equitable and puts a high level of importance on volunteerism.


Distribution of funds raised by the Sheldon Boosters is contingent upon fundraising success. Some of the activities that generate our funds include concession sales, apparel sales, Escrip and various events such as the Christmas tree pick up.


The fiscal year for volunteer hours is calculated from April 1 to March 31. Volunteer hours earned after April 1 are carried over to the next school year.

Volunteer Hours Allocation


Fifty percent of the funds Boosters raise each year is distributed to the various school sanctioned sports and activities based on the volunteer hours earned by each of those clubs or sports.


Each sport or activity can calculate its potential number of volunteer hours by multiplying the number of participants in their activity by 2.5 hours. For example, a club or team with 10 participants would receive its maximum funding for 25 volunteer hours during the year. Volunteer hours in excess of the maximum allowable are funded at a lower rate and are also considered during the discretionary allocation review.


All volunteer hours for Booster sponsored or staffed events count toward hours for a designated sport or activity. All events will have a sign up sheet available upon which the volunteer logs their name, the sport or activity they choose to give their hours and the number of hours volunteered. All hours are compiled in a database and totaled for the year after March 31.


Discretionary Funding


Fifty percent of Booster funds raised will be awarded in the spring during the discretionary funding process. This money is distributed through an application process open to all school sponsored sports and activities. The Booster Budget Committee determines funding priorities and criteria, making recommendation to the Executive Board for funding approval. Excess volunteer hours and other factors will be considered when determining where money should be distributed.

EVERY HOUR YOU VOLUNTEER GIVES $$$ back to your team of choice!

Did you know?  50% of funds raised by Booster Club each year are distributed to school sanctioned sports and activities.  Distribution is based on volunteer hours earned by each club or sport by taking total number of participants in their activity by 2.5 hours.  Example a club or team with 10 participants can get maximum funding for 25 volunteer hours.  This means that that club/team needs to have 25 volunteer hours in the school year to receive maximum funding. 

How do you get the hours?  Volunteer for your team’s signed concessions, ticket sales or other Booster sponsored events and/or consider volunteering on our Booster Board. 

Check back here for volunteering opportunities!  Or check out the Volunteer tab for more information on how to be more involved with Boosters.